What sets your services apart from other Photographers/Videographers?

- We focus on EACH phase of production as opposed to having one photographer/videographer go capture your day then go and edit/color everything, too. Our camera-creatives are strictly dedicated to capturing you big day. Our editors are strictly dedicated to assembling and revising/coloring your big day. Two separate phases, two separately dedicated professionals. No corners cut with incredible results that’ll last a lifetime.

How long is the wedding day coverage?

- Our Creatives will be present at your wedding for up to a total of (8) hours. This is plenty of time to capture all of the essential parts of the day.

What if I would like the Creative to stay for longer?

- We offer additional hours for an extra fee of $200 per hour.

What if I would like a second Photographer or Videographer?

- We also offer second Photographers or Videographers for an extra fee. Let your Coordinator know if you would like to add this, and they will go over pricing with you.

What equipment do the Creatives use?

- All of our Creatives use high-resolution cameras, along with on-board lights and small microphone setups (for the Videographers).

When/how will I receive my footage/photos?

- Your final photos/videos will be shared with you digitally just (2) weeks after the wedding.

What if the Creative can't make it to my wedding on the day?

- This is a very rare situation, but we have backup Creatives on standby in the event that a Creative must cancel before the wedding.

Do I have to provide meals to the Creatives?

- Yes. This will be discussed during our initial phone call with your Creative. They will need to eat in order to have enough energy to capture everything needed for the day.

What will the Creatives wear to the wedding?

- Our Creatives will be dressed in appropriate wedding attire.

Do you have an option for drone footage?

- Yes! We offer drone footage as an add-on to our packages. We will send out a separate licensed drone Specialist for this. The cost for this add on is $750.

Can I pick the shots I would like taken?

- Of course! This will also be discussed during our initial phone call with your Creative. It’s best to give the Creative a list of shots ahead of time so that they are fully prepared going into the day.

What kind of style do you shoot in?

- Our Creatives are capable of many different styles. You can choose which style you like the most.

In what areas of the U.S. do you serve?

- We serve ALL areas of the U.S.

What kind of extras do you offer?

- We offer a number of great add-ons to each package. If there is something you want that we do not already offer, we will make it happen for you!

How will I know everything is taken care of before the wedding?

- Communication is key. Our Coordinator will be with you during every step of the entire process, ensuring you that every little detail has been thought of and taken care of.

What quality will the videos/pictures be?

- All of the photos and videos will be in HD resolution and professionally color corrected.

How are my pictures and videos edited?

- All raw pictures and footage are sent to our professional editing team in Los Angeles.

Do you capture audio during the ceremony?

- Of course! The Videographer will set up small microphones that attaches to the inside of a jacket or shirt of the Groom and the Officiant. They will also plug into the sound board to capture all of the audio going through any microphones that are used during the ceremony.

Do you have insurance?

- Yes. The Company has a general liability and professional liability policy, and our Creatives carry their own equipment insurance and worker’s comp.


Have a question that we haven’t answered?

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