Hi! I’m Dan.

I’m a Wedding Videographer based out of South Dakota. Growing up in the Midwest, I always loved the arts. I first got my start as a touring music Artist in a band called “The Spill Canvas”. We toured for many years and I got to see much of the world. After retiring from music to be a father, I found a new passion and love. The love for cinematography. Throughout my blessed years as a Wedding Videographer, I’ve been witness to some amazing moments in people's lives. I especially love creating wedding films. Each wedding I have filmed holds a very special place in my heart. Capturing the celebration of family, friends, and love is something I hold sacred. I love how every wedding and couple is unique. I try to convey this through every film I create. I am there to capture your day as organically and heartfelt as I can. Let me help tell your story of love!