My name is Sarah and I am originally from Kansas City, MO. I am a wife, a mother, and an adventurous dreamer who is always locked and ready to go. I enjoy long strolls down Isle de la Target and tacos at the nearest food truck! I am a lifestyle Photographer who specializes in weddings and couples. I went to school for photography for 4 years in Kansas City, MO. My style is raw, natural, and green. I like to use the pallet around me to create show stopping pictures. I want to capture real, candid moments for you like the tears, the giggles, and the stumbling! They turn out to be more valuable to not only you but for me too. I don't want to just have you as a client, but as a friend and give you the most memorable experience ever! Feel like we’re a match made in heaven? HECKK YEAAH! Introduce yourself and let’s do the dang thang!!!